Noel Wilson 


Screen Writer & Director. Producer. Editor. Fine Art Photographer. Born Scotland. Lives Asia.

Noel went into film in 1995 as a non-linear editor. Producing & Directing followed, gaining experience on global projects. Before all that, he studied & cooked for 10 years with the best of them. It taught him ethics, humility & compassion. He built teams and the friends made then, remain so today.

Documentary work has taken him on tribal anthropology in Irian Jaya, Korean Farmers fighting for life at WTO, Hong Kong. Fine Art portraits of Nomads on the Tibetan Plateau, whose grace and humanity surpass all other beings in this realm. Producing, Creating & Directing commercial jobs has allowed Noel to work with exceptional film crews from New York & Geneva to Tokyo, Mexico, Taiwan and Indonesia. 

 #Truth. Documentary photography is at the heart of Noel, his imagery and screenplays resonate with soul. Thailand, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Americas and Java into Tibet. # RiseHigh

"I highlight the human spirit and share the rich diversity of our world’s cultural identities in positive flows. Just so you know, this is how I roll. '

"You are an ocean. Vast. Endless. The World comes to you and says; "Here - Pour yourself into this teacup. Do Not Spill Any Drops." That's the challenge." Socrates may have said that. I say 'Drink Tea.' 

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